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Name: Nuumed NM08A 5oz 1/2 Wool HiWither Numnah General Purpose  Code various
Supplier Reference: NM08A 5OZ GP
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Superbly shaped, very versatile, lightweight and smart, this popular numnah is suitable for a host of activities. Made with our Lightweight wool over the horse's key pressure points offering good levels of protection, while allowing the rider close leg contact. Made with a 5oz quilt.

The wool is knitted onto a cotton yarn giving you all the wool you need with no skin attached. Wool has the ability to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture allowing you to keep your horse dry & comfortable.
The natural fibres of the wool are less likely to cause skin reactions or allergies.
Machine washable.

Black, brown and white come with self coloured wool.



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